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James T. Johnston Jr., LLC, began as a multifaceted law firm handling a wide variety of legal matters including estate planning, commercial lending, and mergers and acquisitions. The law firm grew its litigation practice out of dealing with complex real estate disputes and the banking crisis beginning in 2008. Over time, the firm has evolved its litigation practice to include representing family members who had been disinherited by the undue influence of an elderly parent. Other litigation cases followed, including a securities fraud claim against a hedge fund operator in federal district court, bad faith litigation against a Georgia insurance company, and the defense of CPA firms for professional malpractice.

Now, the firm’s litigation practice focuses primarily on collection litigation, contract and corporate governance disputes and estate related cases. Litigating Cases In Courts Across Georgia

Litigating Cases In Courts Across Georgia

Jim has extensive experience providing  services in collections litigation. He also does professional defense work for CPAs and takes on a lot of contract dispute cases. His focus is always on problem-solving and delivering results for his clients. See, e.g., A19A0018. June 5, 2019, Georgia Court of Appeal; Mountain Express Oil Company v. Southern Trust Insurance Company.

The firm regularly handles cases in:

  • Federal court
  • State trial courts
  • The Georgia Court of Appeals
  • The Georgia Supreme Court

In the rare instance that tax dispute resolution is required, Jim can help with tax court litigation.

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Good Case for Bad Faith’: How a Denied Insurance Claim Came Knocking on the Door at Ga. Supreme Court
Jim Johnston is a “deal lawyer” who finds himself litigating an insurance dispute now pending at the Georgia Supreme Court.

By Katheryn Hayes Tucker | February 28, 2022