Offering Business Law, Litigation, Tax Law, Litigation, Probate And Estate Planning

For more than 35 years, attorney James T. Johnston has served the legal needs of business owners, families and individuals in Atlanta and the surrounding communities.

An Atlanta attorney focused on innovative solutions and high-level client service.

A Client First Approach To Practicing Law

To Jim Johnston, practicing law is not just a service he provides, but also an honor. For nearly four decades, helping people with their legal needs has provided him a very good life. Jim learned early on that building strong relationships with clients came natural to him and always led to the best outcomes. Inquiring about his client’s backgrounds, needs and goals allows him to ensure that the solutions and services he provides meet both long-term and short-term goals. Client-focused service is central to Jim’s practice.

Finding Innovative Solutions To Unique Problems

At James T. Johnston Jr., LLC, Jim uses his knowledge, skills and experience to craft solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. His approach to law is to break down the legal issue at hand into a series of problems to be solved. By using his natural sense of curiosity and an analytical approach to reviewing laws, Jim works out solutions that meet the specific needs of his clients. Sometimes he writes letters, sometimes he does legal research to give counsel and sometimes he reaches out on behalf of a client where a lawyer’s voice is taken more seriously than the client’s voice.

Playing To Win
And Having Fun Doing It